The Money Booths provide the necessary liveliness

Published: 20th October 2009
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Partygoers get excited when they get a chance to get into the money booth to capture the real or fake money that is blown in swirling winds. It is such an excitement that few partygoers will forget the thrill they experience inside a money booth. Usually an entry into the money booth is granted as the prize for winning a game or achieving something remarkable. Either way catching the money inside a money booth is an un-paralleled experience. Getting an entry into the money booth is rewarding in itself. The chances of getting out of the money with hands full of money after half a minute gives the winners the feeling of on top of the world.

The money booth is usually a transparent cube, into which one or more winners can get in. Inside the money booth will be a whirlwind, into which the winners move in wearing special aprons and goggles, so that their dress and hair is not disturbed by the wind. After the door is closed a set of fans start swirling paper money. The winners are allowed to catch as much money as they can within the allowed time. If it is not real money swirling inside the money booth, it will be gift certificates which can be redeemed for real prizes at the end of the event. The event planners can keep the description of prizes a suspense, just to add to the thrill of the event.

The money booth can be fitted well in a trade fair, convention, casino evenings and corporate events. The money booths can be customized according to the theme of the special event. the speed of the whirl wind, and the amount of cash or gift certificates can vary with the needs of the party planner.

Money booths provide the necessary liveliness to any event without affecting the desired outcome of the event.

Money booths don't take much space. It will fit in every events and can be fitted at any point. Professionally designed money booths look attractive from whatever angle you look at it. It is also easily movable. Power supply has to ensured as it works on electricity.

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